The Indie Developer for Ethical Marketing Badge represents a pledge to support, practice and advocate for ethical marketing in video games. Any indie who displays this badge has committed to never engage in or pay a vendor to engage in marketing practices that could harm consumers, distribution channels or other developers while promoting his or her game. This includes acquisition methods that simulate or incentivize real user activity, like downloads or positive reviews, to trick charting algorithms.

Get the Badge

Are you an indie who believes in ethical marketing? Do you promise to always support, practice and advocate for ethical marketing when promoting your or others’ work? Awesome! Let the world know by displaying the Indie Developer for Ethical Marketing Badge on your site. Simply, follow these steps to get the badge.

  1. Copy the badge’s code.
  2. Paste the code into your site. (Sidebars work really well 🙂 )
  3. Email me your URL to let me know the badge is up.
  4. I’ll post your company’s name and link back to your site below.
  5. Continue being ethical and awesome.

The List of Indie Developers for Ethical Marketing

  1. Bad Comics
  2. Bathyscaphe Games
  3. Beace Games
  4. Cheeze Games
  5. Dark Faction Games
  6. Diametric Games
  7. Dragoons Soft
  8. Epic Swift Systems
  9. Falldeaf
  10. Fantasy Shmup!
  11. Game Assembler
  12. Goon Studios
  13. Jordan Benoit-Ancion
  14. HCP Games
  15. Honest Android Games
  16. Ibzy Studios
  17. Invisibit
  18. Just4Fun
  19. Justin Fletcher
  20. Little Arms Studios
  21. Lola Game Labs
  22. Lost Zombie Studio
  23. Mamoniem
  24. Mordavian’s Games
  25. NeoProfessor
  26. Novy Unlimited
  27. Oak Moon Games
  28. OTC Gaming
  29. PixeLight Games
  30. Pixel Tank Studios
  31. Prelude Games Factory
  32. Quad Interactive
  33. Reactor Interactive
  34. Risbogames
  35. Robert French
  36. RottenFuture
  37. Serious Brothers
  38. Smashware
  39. Snazzlebot
  40. SourceBladeGaming
  41. Stressed Ape
  42. Sundry Games
  43. Tent-Maker Games
  44. T-Rex Interactive
  45. Wall West Ltd
  46. Warbow Plus
  47. Will Sykes Games
  48. Wisefool Studio
  49. WizardSpire Games
  50. ZD Designs
  51. Zidas Studios
  52. Indie Game Girl (yay me!)