Building Adoring Fanbases with Marketing

Building Adoring Fanbases with Marketing

Hello world and welcome to Indie Game Girl! I’m thrilled that you stopped by.

What is Indie Game Girl?

Indie Game Girl is a free resource that helps indie developers market games with step-by-step instruction. Here developers can expect to find clear and budget friendly tips, tricks and tutorials on all marketing topics, including: SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, PR, the occasional marketing rant from me and so much more.

Who is the Indie Game Girl and What is Her Mission?

I’m Emmy Jonassen, a.k.a., the Indie Game Girl. I’m a marketing professional with nine years of experience in software and technology, specifically video games. I started this here blog because I believe that winning games require exceptional design AND marketing. However, after witnessing so many good games fail, I’ve found that marketing doesn’t come as naturally as design for developers. I’ve also realized developers are not getting the marketing support they need and I want to help.

How will Indie Game Girl Work?

One to two times per week (I have a full-time job ya know), I will post to Indie Game Girl. These posts are designed to help developers build fanbases with actionable, doable and budget friendly takeaways. If you don’t want to keep checking back for updates, subscribe to my blog. Or, if you want daily tips and tricks, follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

If there is ever a topic you’re dying to hear more about, contact me. I’m always interested in providing timely and relevant support. Plus, I’d love to hear from you.

Go marketing!

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Emmy Jonassen is a marketing pro who helps indie developers build adoring fanbases. Marketing people who love buzz words call this "lead generation."

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