Konsoll 2013 [EVENT SUMMARY]

Konsoll 2013 [EVENT SUMMARY]

Last week I spoke at Konsoll in Bergen, Norway. Konsoll is a conference dedicated to helping the Norwegian indie game development community advance through knowledge share. However, the lessons learned are applicable to any country. While my lecture focused on marketing, a variety of relevant topics were covered by other speakers. Everything from advancing technology to case studies to funding and beyond were discussed. For your benefit, I have provided a summary and video of each presentation below.

Konsoll Presentation Summaries and Videos

Successful Indie Game Marketing
by Emmy Jonassen

Statistics tell us that becoming a successful indie game developer is hard. However, marketing can seriously increase your chance at success. Watch my Konsoll lecture to discover actionable marketing tasks that can move you toward success.

Making Games is Easy. Getting Paid is Hard.
by Alex Trowers

Alex, an industry veteran working at Boss Alien, identifies the various avoidable and unavoidable ways your game could be “torpedoed.” Learn how to increase your chance at success from concept through launch in this insightful and entertaining Konsoll lecture.

Triple-A, Indie and Why You Shouldn’t Care
by Ken Wong

Ken, lead designer at ustwo in London and 10-year industry veteran, takes us through his journey from working at a publisher to developing his own indie title. In his Konsoll 2013 lecture, Ken discuses the pros and cons in each scenario, his experiences and lessons learned.

Kickstarting Your Production
by Ole Andreas Jordet

Ole, founder of Krillbrite Studio, discusses how he and his team successfully funded their first title, Among the Sleep. This Konsoll 2013 presentation makes a wonderful case study!

The Future of Computer Entertainment to 2050
by Ernest Adams

Ernest, a 25-year industry veteran, consultant, writer and teacher, discuses how changing technology, demographics and market will impact video games in the year 2050.

Watch Ernest’s Presentation

Dreams of Electric Sheep
by Luke Dicken

Luke, founder of Robot Overlord Games and the first person outside of North America to be elected to the IDGA Board of Directors, discusses the future of AI. In his Konsoll 2013 presentation, Luke examines current and future AI examples.

Writing for Games – A Backstory
by Dag Scheve

Dag, a writer at Red Thread Games, discusses his experience in and how to write character backstories. In his Konsoll 2013 lecture, Dag also focuses on the importances of character dialogue.

Making a Great Sounding Unity Game Using Fabric
by Jory Prum

Jory, a 20-year audio production veteran who has worked on Academy Award winning movies, discusses how to overcome Unity’s poor built-in audio functionality using Fabric. Learn how to create layered effects, set up a Unity project for sound and implement in this Konsoll 2013 lecture.

How to Get Funding for Your Game
Nils Anderssen

Nils, currently working for Raven Studio, has a broad experience in design, 3D modeling, sound and production. In his lecture, Nils discusses various methods to secure funding in Norway and the correct way to pitch an investor. (NOTE: if you don’t speak Norwegian, you probably won’t get much out of this video).

Watch Nils’ Presentation

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