How to Get Press Coverage at an Event [SLIDES WITH VIDEO TO FOLLOW]

How to Get Press Coverage at an Event [SLIDES WITH VIDEO TO FOLLOW]

At the end of October, I was invited back to Konsoll, Norway’s largest game developer’s conference, to speak on the topic of “how to get press coverage at an event.” Whenever we are in, coming out of or entering trade show season (which seems to be all the time), this topic comes up frequently in my work with developers. Questions ranging from “How long before an event should I start press outreach?” to “Does what I wear really matter?” and beyond are commonplace. In my presentation, my goal was to not only answer these questions, but provide developers with a comprehensive guide to event planning that increases their chances of securing interviews at an event, as well as coverage during and after.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below I have included the slides from my keynote only. Once the Konsoll organizers post the video of my presentation, I will update this blog so you can listen to me speak while reading the slides. (The slides make way more sense that way.)

How to Get Press Coverage at an Event Keynote Slides


How to Get Press Coverage at an Event Keynote Abstract

Title: How to Get Press Coverage at an Event by Exhibiting Like a Boss

Summary: Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to generate awareness for your game. They provide rare access to hundreds of journalists, YouTubers and streamers under one roof. The trouble is, trade shows can just as easily become an expensive waste of time, resulting in zero press encounters, and as one may expect, zero published articles or videos. Fortunately, this disappointing situation is completely avoidable with proper planning, outreach and engagement. Attendees of this presentation will learn effective techniques for securing press meetings prior to an event, ensuring positive impressions during interviews and how to follow up to see published pieces through.


Emmy Jonassen is a marketing pro who helps indie developers build adoring fanbases. Marketing people who love buzz words call this "lead generation."

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Cedric Markwatson

about 8 years ago

Brilliant post and bang on point! I really love your writing style. I would love to share it with my employees and friends. Thanks Emmy.


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