Website Traffic – Phase 1 of Your Kickstarter Campaign Timeline

Website Traffic – Phase 1 of Your Kickstarter Campaign Timeline

So you’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign and fund your game’s development. Awesome! Now, stop right there. Before you continue down the crowdsourcing path, consider your website traffic plans. Why worry about website traffic you ask? Well, without it you won’t be able to build a fanbase for your Kickstarter launch. And, without an existing fanbase, you’re going to have a hell of a time successfully meeting your funding goals. Don’t worry though, here are five easy ways to use website traffic to build a fanbase for your Kickstarter launch.

How to build a fanbase for your Kickstarter launch with website traffic

1. Have a Website (Crappy Sites Don’t Count)

I know this seems rather obvious, but I’m always amazed at how many indies don’t have a website or have a really, really horrible one. Your website is your voice, your sales tool, your face to the world. Without it, no one knows who you are nor will they care. Make sure your website is worthy of potential funders’ attention and a destination you’d be proud to drive web traffic to.

2. Have a Blog and USE it

For consistent website traffic, you need to give visitors a reason to come back often. This means publishing content frequently on interesting and relevant topics. Blogs are perfect for this kind of web traffic. For best results, blog at least two times per week. Promote your posts well on social media channels, through email and outreach (if appropriate).

3. Tweet and Post and Repeat

Another fantastic way to draw web traffic is through social media. Social media channels are free and easy tools that reach massive numbers of people. Make sure you take full advantage of this web traffic potential by having a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account (at the very least). Post daily with interesting and relevant content to keep your fans engaged. If you’re extra ambitious, tack on YouTube and Pinterest to the mix.

4. Make a Name for Yourself on Forums

Forums are Internet traffic goldmines. Why? Because they are targeted, active and allow you to participate in the conversation without even paying for it. OMG! Use forums as an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader (a.k.a., gather a following), while carefully sneaking in a link or two back to your site (just DON’T spam).

5. Reach Out to Those Tres, Tres Cool Bloggers

Online publications, blogs and other key influencers have incredible reach. Why not harness some of their web traffic to help build your fanbase? If you have a big announcement or an update that’s newsworthy, write a press release, submit it to Game Press and send it out to your media contacts via personal email. Even if you get only a few bites, the work is well worth it for the exposure and Internet traffic. Just keep in mind, the press should be used sparingly. Only use them when you have something newsworthy to report.

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Emmy Jonassen is a marketing pro who helps indie developers build adoring fanbases. Marketing people who love buzz words call this "lead generation."

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This is good stuff. Thanks for the write-up. I'm looking forward to reading the next parts!


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