4 Tips to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

4 Tips to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

One of the major challenges that comes with maintaining a game development blog is constantly coming up with blog post ideas. Many bloggers start out posting ferociously for the first few months, then slowly become less active until they’re never heard from again. Don’t let this happen to you! Follow these four tips to never run out of blog post ideas.

4 Tips to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

  1. Make a Schedule
    While it may seem easy, even a weekly post (which I recommend as a minimum blogging frequency) can become a daunting task. Coming up with blog topics, finding time to write and so on is a lot of work, which is why many bloggers give up. Avoid this pitfall by planning out your blogging schedule ahead of time.

    As you think of blog topics, plot them out on a calendar, i.e., mark what days you’ll be posting which blog topics. On this same calendar, block off time to write each post. Solidifying your schedule for even one month in advance will help immensely.

  2. Show Personality
    Many developers think if they’re not blogging about their game, they shouldn’t blog. To which I say FALSE. While your readers follow your blog because they’re interested in your game and it’s progression, they’re also fans. And, fans enjoy the occasional behind the scenes posts, like: developer profiles, candid office photos, etc.

    Here is an example of Sauropod Studios using its characters to show personality over the holidays.

    Example of a personality post by Sauropod Studios
    Read Sauropod Studio’s full personality post here.

  3. Use Science
    If you follow my best practices, you should have Google Web Master Tools enabled. Why? Besides being an awesome (and free) analytics tool, Web Master Tools is a great place to get blog post ideas. Here’s how:

    Let’s say you check Web Master Tools and see a lot of traffic to your site coming from the search term “Goblins.” Great, now you know people who search “Goblins” are likely to visit your site. Imagine how much more traffic you could capture if you had a page ranked in Google’s search results for “Goblins”! Writing a post optimized for “Goblins” could accomplish just this.

  4. Ask Your Fans
    There’s no better way to ensure the blog topics you post about are the blog topics your fans want to read than asking them. Not only is this a great way to get blog post ideas, but connect with your fans.

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