5 Marketing Blogs ALL Indies Should Read [UPDATED]

5 Marketing Blogs ALL Indies Should Read [UPDATED]

Great marketing blogs are akin to finding pots of gold…especially for an indie developer. Why? Because great marketing blogs provide clear and actionable advice. And for an indie who may not be as strong a marketer as he or she is a developer, designer, etc., actionable advice is priceless. Here are five marketing blogs all indies should read and can benefit from.


5 Marketing Blogs all Indies Should Read


  1. HubSpot’s Marketing Blog
    You’re probably tired of hearing about HubSpot, but I can’t help it. This company not only has a killer product, it’s got the best marketing blog out there. On HubSpot’s marketing blog, you’ll find new posts twice a day (including weekends) on topics spanning the marketing gamut. Plus, the blog’s focus is providing clear and actionable take-a-ways…sometimes with free templates.

    HubSpot's Marketing Blog

  2. Marketo’s Blog
    Like HubSpot, Marketo is an automated marketing software. In fact, its HubSpot’s competitor (but I’ll still talk about it). Marketo’s marketing blog is not as robust as HubSpot’s, however it’s a nice complement. Where HubSpot’s marketing blog provides indie friendly advice (i.e., DIY, cost-effective), Marketo offers a good B2B angle (what you could do with more money and people).

    Marketo blog

  3. Copyblogger’s Blog
    If you didn’t think there was much to say about copy (advertising’s fancy word for “text”), think again. Whether it’s your website, blog or newsletter, copy is important in any marketing. It’s not only the vehicle for communicating what your game is about, it works in tandem with imagery to motivate players to give your game a try. The folks at Copyblogger understand the power of copy and post regularly on how you can apply it strategically to encourage engagement across multiple channels.

    Copyblogger blog

  4. The Moz Blog
    If you’re in need of SEO advice, The Moz Blog is the place to go. These guys know SEO. In addition to the great articles posted daily (minus weekends) on it’s marketing blog, every Friday you’ll find a video tutorial on a new SEO topic hosted by Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz, himself.

    the moz blog

  5. The Fiksu Blog
    This Boston-based app marketing company is not only “wicked smaht,” it’s a must read marketing blog for indies developing apps. Fiksu does not post often, but when it does, its posts are packed with great statistics, insight and actionable advice.

    The Fiksu Blog

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Emmy Jonassen is a marketing pro who helps indie developers build adoring fanbases. Marketing people who love buzz words call this "lead generation."

1 Comment

Alejo AC

about 9 years ago

Personally I found Hubspot a bit overwhelming, although I recognize it's a great resource. I receive mails from them since I used their free tool. The post titles always look really interesting and I tend to leave the mails in my inbox to remind me reading the articles. But after I see three or four of them sitting there I delete them all with great sorrow because it reminds me that time is limited and I wouldn't take action on on that specific topics anyway. Looking through your other recommendations the Copyblogger blog caught me quickly. Improving on my copy is a skill I can use more often and more passively. There are certain advice that I can remember I use it whenever I actually need to write (like for example writing this reply). It's there for when I need it. Usually marketing is an on going effort and as an Indie gamedev there are periods of time in which I stop marketing completely because I'm focusing hard on something else. It's every easy to get outdated and feel out of context about all the marketing sub categories, trends and topics in these marketing sites. Luckily being subscribed to your blog reminds me to have a look at marketing from time to time. Even if I'm not actively working on marketing myself. Thanks for sharing your recommendations.


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